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Imesh Turbo

Imesh Turbo is a powerful, full-featured, cross-platform Java based client that offers multiple torrent downloads, queuing/priority systems, start/stop seeding options and instant access to numerous pieces of information about your torrents.


Imesh Turbo delivers the well-known Java-based BitTorrent client to a new level of stability, usability, and speed and features an embedded tracker that synchronizes the activity of all peers and control connections without identifying the details of the files being shared.

Imesh Turbo comes wrapped with many essential features for both beginners and advanced users: multiple downloads at once from a single GUI window, detailed real-time download statistics with advanced download and seeding management rules, configuration and torrent creation wizards, PeerGuardian IP address filtering, and much more. Perhaps one of the greatest features of this version of the popular Imesh application is the Ono plugin (which requires no modifications to your existing iMesh client). Imesh Turbo has a sole purpose - to get your download speeds as high as possible and make file sharing a worthy experience for any user. By including Ono in its “menu”, your downloads will not suffer for lack of nearby peers.In general these peers provide better response time, which actually means also a major improving of performance. Imesh Turbo finds those peers closest to you by means of reprocess network measurements from content distribution networks (CDNs), without needing to make extensive path measurement or probing.

By the same token as the best torrent sites and engines, iMesh Turbo is based on the Bittorrent protocol and in terms of functionality on Java. Using this app will get you connected with hundreds of different P2P networks simultaneously meaning that you get a large amount of hits and download options. If the environment is “crowded” with respect to bandwidth availability, iMesh Turbo still manages a 31per cent average download-rate increase while in milieus with large bandwidth availability, you’ll get download rates improved by 207 per cent on average. iMesh is designed to find peers that are in proximity to one another by using the pre-existing infrastructures that carry out far-reaching Internet measurements. Thanks to its up-to-date technology this software through its system locates peers via paths that have two orders of magnitude lower latency and 30% lower loss rates than those located randomly by BitTorrent, and that these high-quality paths will bring notable progress in terms of transfer rates. This application reduces to a great extent costly cross-network traffic without sacrificing performance for the user and it also proves to be very light on CPU power.

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